How do I apply for a session?

Fill out the application form with details of who you are and what you like. Send a deposit to secure your session. I will reply to any questions and queries, and accept your application within 24 hours.

What happens during your sessions?

My sessions start with in-person negotiation. This is a casual chat where I get to learn more about your interests and want you want from the session. In return, you learn more about me, and have any last-minute questions or curiosities answered. If you're interested, I may also show you some of my toys and explain how certain toys work and feel. I always have a selection of refreshments. This is also your chance to use the bathroom or get some water.

This is followed by the session itself, which is timed. The contents of every session are different, and depend on the results of the negotiation, and how we both feel in session. My sessions flow naturally, and are not too planned out. Sessions can be timed based on a pre-booked timeslot, which requires payment before the session. Or an untimed session, which requires payment for the first hour before the session, and any time above this will be calculated and paid after the session.

The last stage is aftercare. This may involve cuddles and reassurance, and a chat about how the scene went. Aftercare refreshments and a blanket are offered. My sessions end with a hug.

My kinks aren't listed on your website. Can I still have a session?

Yes! Send me a message politely detailing your interests and I will let you know if it is something I offer. I'm not into everything, but there is lots that I am into but don't normally offer.

I don't have much experience. Are you okay with newbies?

Of course! I love introducing people to kink. I understand that your first experience can be nerve-wracking, which is why I pride myself on being easy to talk to and available to answer any questions you may have. I also offer full un-timed negotiations and aftercare, so if you're feeling a little under-the-weather or need someone to talk to after a session, I am more than happy to listen. Feel free to send me a message with any pre-session questions.

I've booked a session but can no longer make it. What can I do?

I'm sorry to hear you can't make your session. Please let me know by emailing or messaging me as soon as you are aware that you can not make your session.

Sessions can be reschedule with no loss of deposit, but be aware that you may not get your first choice date and time.

If you need to cancel your booking, be aware that the deposit is non-refundable. So be sure that you want to cancel rather than reschedule. If you cancel on short notice (within an hour) with no good reason, I am inclined to decline any future session applications.

I want a session but can only pay in cash. What can I do?

Unfortunately, I require deposits via bank transfer or WishTender to secure your booking. I am happy to accept the remainder of the session fee in cash, bank transfer, or WishTender.

Why do you require deposits?

Deposits are a token of your commitment to our session. I have found that mandating deposits significantly reduces the number of people cancelling sessions on short notice or simply not showing up. I understand that nervous subbies can get cold feet, and that emergencies happen. However, time is money, and no-shows take up spots from serious subs that I could be having fun with. In this way, the deposit acts as a filter, as well as a service charge for my time and work spent preparing for sessions and messaging subs.

Can I be your personal sub?

I am not taking on any new personal subs for the time being. But thank you for your interest.

Do you accept friends as clients?

Yes! I have no issues having a friend that is also a client. With the establishment of some professional boundaries, this can be a fantastic and mutually beneficial arrangement. Knowing you more intimately makes session even more fun!

What are your personal kinks?

As a lifestyle fetishist, I have a lot of kinks. My main interest has always been playing with bums. I especially love prostate stimulation, because of the intense and beautiful reactions it can create. I also adore nipple play, biting, and scratching because of the marks left behind. As you can see, I am a very sexual dominant. I dislike bottoming in the best of times, and pegging takes the place that vanilla sex takes for many people. I'm a true top.

Do you bottom, sub, or switch?

Absolutely not. I am a natural top and never bottom or sub for anyone, this includes requests to perform oral on me or finger me. All are off limits. Please see my list of hard limits for more information on what I don't do. Repeated requests for such services is offensive and will get you blacklisted.

As a woman, what do you get out of topping?

This is a hard question to answer. Topping feels far more natural to me than bottoming. It is simply the way my sexuality developed, and it turns me on in a way nothing else does. I love the feeling of control, I love the reactions I get from a bottom, I love everything about it.

I have been told it is something to do with 'role reversal', however I don't agree with this as I have never seen bottoming as my natural role.

What do you find attractive in a sub?

All subs are different and have their own charms. In my personal life, I appreciate experimentalist subs with a high pain threshold, and good reactions. A vocal sub makes topping 100% better, making it the most important factor for me. I adore a sub that knows their way around domestic tasks, like cooking and cleaning, and prides themselves on their appearance. I like a sub that plays with gender.

Professionally, I like a sub that shows me respect, is vocal about their wishes, is personable, and is happy to let the scene flow naturally without worrying about time. Cleanliness and a pleasant smell are vitally important.

Fill out the contact form with details.

Or WhatsApp me at 0782 201 2765.

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