Session Info

My Rates

Outcall Rates:

Outcall rates are the session rate + transport + hotel or dungeon venue + £50 for every hour of travel outside of Birmingham

Deposit = standard deposit + full transport cost.

Long-term Dynamics:

Long-term dynamics are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum deposit of £100.

Messy Rates:

Vomit, water sports, and hardsports sessions have an additional £100 charge.

1 hour £300

2 hours £500

3 hours £700

4 hours £900

25% deposit required.

Standard Rates:

1 hour £200

2 hours £400

3 hours £600

4 hours £800

25% deposit required.

No deposit means no session.

Online Dynamics:

(WhatsApp messages, and voice notes)

Available for JOI, CEI, Feminisation, D/s dynamics, and more.

£50 for a one-off messaging session.

£200 per week of regular messaging.

I don’t send photos of myself.

Ask permission before sending photos and videos of yourself.


Jewellery is nice, but if you really want to impress me, get me some of these:

  • BDSM toys - e-stim, 8+ inch dildos

  • Outfits - lace, latex, corsetry, shapewear

  • Tech - laptop, GPU, headphones, tripod

  • Furniture - cage, poster bed (double)

  • Hobbies - a lyre, Dutch language course

time lapse photography of several burning US dollar banknotes
time lapse photography of several burning US dollar banknotes
red rose on brown envelope
red rose on brown envelope

Send me a cash gift

Check out my wishlist

Cash accepted, except for deposits.

Dress size 10 | Bra size 34B

Trouser size 12 | Shoe size 5.5

All gifts must be vegan and cruelty free

Bank Transfers (preferred):

Name: FO Private Consultancy

Sort code: 04-06-05

Account number: 21489639

Anoymous Online Tributes:


My Procedure

I provide a full kink experience from negotiations to aftercare. You're in safe hands

Step 1. Apply

You'll fill out my Apply To Play form and send me your 25% deposit.

Step 2. Negotiation

You'll come over, I'll offer some refreshments, and we'll sit down for a chat. This information makes for a good session, so be open and honest.

Step 3. Session

When we are ready and relaxed, we'll begin the session. This is the only part that is timed.

Step 4. Aftercare

Aftercare is tailored to you, but may include:

  • Cuddles

  • Reassurance

  • Drinks + snacks

  • Blankets

  • Soft toys

  • Solitude

  • A chat about the scene and ideas for next time


My sessions take place in my personal play space in Birmingham.

Travel requests are on a case-by-case basis.

I only consider requests to meet you in your own home if prior trust has been built.

Appropriate locations may be a hotel or dungeon, in England or abroad.

You must cover all associated costs and travel time to be considered.

For travel outside of Birmingham, I charge £100 per hour of travel.


I follow RACK, Risk Aware Consensual Kink

All BDSM activities come with their own mental, physical, and emotional risks. Under a RACK system of consent, someone has to fully understand and be willing to accept these risks for the play to be consensual. This is in addition to consenting to the play itself. By booking a session you demonstrate that you consent to the risks associated with that type of play. If you are unaware of the risks, please ask. Send a Whatsapp message to 0782 201 2765, or email

Safeword (RED)

  • Ensure clear communication of a withdrawal of consent

  • Indicate a problem. I will always check on you

  • When you say RED, I will stop whatever I was doing and check on your wellbeing.

  • You can say RED for any situation in which you want me to stop, e.g. if you have a leg cramp, or if you're becoming overwhelmed.

  • RED is not the end of the session. We can carry on after I check on you, if you like. Or have a long aftercare session, and continue after that.

  • For situations were I can't hear you (e.g. if you're wearing a gag), the safe word is TWO PATS with your hand on any part of my body. This safe action may differ between sessions, but will be negotiated beforehand.

General Consent Rules

  • Strictly no alcohol or drugs, except medication.

  • Try to educate yourself on your requested activities beforehand so you know what you are consenting to.

  • Don't be shy when asking me to make adjustments to suit your consent requirements.

  • Let me know you hard (absolute) and soft limits before the session. If these change, let me know.


Client hygiene

Please have a shower before you arrive. Make sure to get between the toes, under the foreskin, and spray that deodorant. I'll appreciate it.

Want to be rimmed? Take care to clean between the butt cheeks and focus on the outside of the hole.

Want to be fucked? Douching is expected before any anal play more than rimming. Accidents can happen, so don't stress about it too much.

My cleaning/disinfection routine


  • I disinfect and wipe down all hard surfaces before and after play.

  • Bedsheets are covered by a waterproof blanket during messy play.

  • Bedsheets are washed and changed once a week, or after a messy session.


  • All toys are disinfected and wiped down after play.

  • Toys used internally (e.g. dildos) are wiped, washed with soap and water, dried, then wiped with rubbing alcohol.


  • Due to intensive cleaning of toys, I do not mandate the use of condoms for anal play. However, I do have them available if you wish to use them, or were unsuccessful with douching.

  • Condoms can be cut and used as a barrier for rimming, if necessary.

  • Gloves are available and can be worn for fingering/prostate massage.


General politeness

  • Ask for services politely and with respect

  • Do not call me Master, Daddy, Mistress or any other honorific before we have established and negotiated a session.

  • Show appreciation for the session with kind words and an optional tip.

Online etiquette

  • Remember the human behind the screen - think about how your words land.

  • I am a professional dominant, this is my job, and we are establishing a professional relationship. Keep your messages friendly, but get to the point.

  • You are welcome to follow any of my socials. Please leave enthusiastic and relevant comments only. No arguing in the comment section.

No haggling

My prices and times are fixed. The minimum you will pay for any session is £200 for 1 hour. I do not do 30 or 15 minute sessions. You are welcome to pay for the hour and leave early.


Don't be late. If you are more than 5 mins late, you will be charged. Message me when you arrive. If you are early, message and ask if I'm ready for you. Then wait patiently in your car or on an adjacent street. Do not hang around outside my door. My Whatsapp is 0782 201 2765.



I am proudly bisexual. I accept clients of any gender or sexual orientation. I am trans, non-binary, and gender queer inclusive.

Neurodiversity and Disabilities

I happily accept neurodiverse clients, clients with sensory processing differences, and clients that have additional care needs. If you require specific adjustments, please let me know in the application form.

Clients with neurodevelopmental delays will be considered in accordance with their capacity to understand the risks of the activity. I will be using my own judgement in accordance with the RACK consent system. I am happy to liaise with carers regarding the suitability of my service, and any appropriate adjustments. Please put as much information as you can in the application form.

Wheelchair Accessibility

My current property has three steps leading up to the door to enter the building, making it inaccessible for some wheelchair users. Once up these steps, there is a lift to take you the rest of the way. Please let me know if you require assistance to get up these steps in the application form. Clients with additional physical accessibility needs can request a location change to a hotel or appropriate play space that meets their requirements. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and have plans to improve wheelchair accessibility in the future.