Oh to have a penis.

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woman in yellow and black dress graffiti
woman in yellow and black dress graffiti

For a long time, I've wondered what it would be like to have a dick permanently attached to my feminine frame.

I bet it'd be fun. I'd wave it around in the mirror and stuff it into random objects just to know what it felt like.

I bet it'd be exciting, whole new sensations for me to explore.

I bet it'd be sexy - like a little present I could whip out and surprise my favourite people with. Although I should make sure they're into it first... Would they be?

What if it was like those weird hentai's, where I could have it when I wanted it, then when I'm done, I could tuck it away into whatever internal orifice it's kept in?

What if it was like having a strapon, where I could choose the correct tool for the job. "Oh, it's too much for you? Let me make it a little smaller" or "Oh, you want more? One sec, I'll add two inches just for you". What an advantage!

It would be amazing to feel what dick owners feel, when they top someone. It feels nice with fingers and great with dildos, but this would be completely different.

And I wonder what a fleshlight feels like...

What if I could get boys pregnant? That's something I wish I could do. Imagine filling up their masculine bodies with my own thick warm cum, cum that came out of my body. Now that's a wild thought. Kinda gross... But I like it.

I wonder if I'd like it too much, and want to stay like that. It would be nice not to have a womb. But would I want to give up my pussy? I think not.

Strapons do the job well enough.