My Hard Limits

What I won't do, under any circumstances

Bare Bottom Nudity

I don’t do anything that requires me to have my bare bottom on show. You may get a peak of my cheeks through my lingerie, but that’s about it. ‘Clients’ that send repeated requests for complete nudity will be banned.

  • No bare bottom worship.

  • No pussy worship of any kind.

Animals of Any Kind

My practice is 100% vegan, so no leather, no fur, and definitely no live animals.

Race Play

No, just no.

Sexual Age Play and ABDL

I love littles and am happy to do some caregiving, just nothing sexual please.

Cumming On Me

Keep it in you or on you. I'm happy to help by feeding it back to you.

Penetrative Sex (except for pegging)

I don’t get fucked, I do the fucking. If you want me, you’ll have to bend over.

Kissing Lips and Fellatio

I don't put my mouth on lips, dicks, or vulvas. I may kiss and suck nipples, the back, thighs, or chest area if it feels appropriate. I do rim, however I may refuse if I don't deem the area to be clean.

Submission (from myself)

Top means Top and Dom means Dom.

Lack of cleanliness

Conduct yourself well and we’ll have a good time.

Alcohol and drugs (unless medically necessary)

It's important that you are fully present and aware during sessions. It's also far more enjoyable.

Sending Unsolicited Images

Please ask first before sending any photos, videos, or other media. Don't expect a yes! This includes media which you may not think of as explicit (e.g. equipment pics). Remember that I don't send explicit media of myself.

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