Erotica with themes of sensual fingering and pegging

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yellow rose flower
yellow rose flower

"Want to fuck me in the arse?"

"Oh my god, yes!

I'll lay you down beneath me

Stroke your cheek, make sure you see me

Look at what I'm about to do.

My first tool is my tongue.

I move it over your skin, over your thighs.

Give your nipples a taste.

Then focus on the star of the show - working my tongue around your hole.



I'll slide it in slightly and gauge your reaction.

I'll give some love to your taint.

'Oh my god, you taste so good.

Somehow I feel like I needed this.'

Then I'll slip my fingers in.

One to see how tight you are.

Two to watch your reaction.

And three to feel you close in around me as I stretch you out.

I love the way you look at me when I'm inside your body.

Fuck. It makes me want to fuck you. Now.